Keto granola bars piled up on a white plate

Keto Granola Bars

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These Keto granola bars are amazing. They are healthy, low carb, gluten-free, and very satisfying. While they aren’t true granola bars, because there is no granola in them, they are a great substitute!

I really enjoy these healthy alternatives to real granola bars. My brother has been on the Keto diet for a few years now and has so many good things to say about it. While I am not on it per se there are so many Keto-friendly foods that I enjoy eating. These keto bars are so easy to make. If I can do it you can do it, let’s get baking!

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Step 1: Gather the ingredients

In order to make these yummy Keto granola bars you will need a handful of simple ingredients:

  • Pecans
  • Almonds (thinly sliced)
  • Coconut flakes
  • Stevia
  • Egg
  • Peanut butter or almond butter (sugar-free)
  • Coconut oil
  • Salt

Step 2: How to make Keto granola bars

Large bowl with pecans, almonds, and coconut flakes on a wooden table.

First preheat the oven to 350 F/176 C. Then in a bag add the pecans and then smash them with a rolling pin or meat tenderizer. You could also use a food processor if you wanted.

Next, add the crushed pecans to a large bowl along with the sliced almonds and the coconut flakes. Give them a good mix with a wooden spoon.

Step 3: Mix the wet ingredients

In a medium bowl add the egg and the stevia. Mix them together with a fork or whisk. Then add the peanut butter or almond butter and the coconut oil. Combine all those ingredients until smooth.

Step 4: Finishing off the Keto granola bars

Keto granola bars mixture in a large bowl on a wooden table.

Now add those yummy sugar-free chocolate chips and the salt to the bowl. Next, add the wet ingredients in with the nuts mixture and mix them together with a wooden spoon or silicone spoon.

Step 5: Baking those Keto granola bars

Keto granola bar mixture spread out in an orange granola bar pan on a wooden table.

Next you need some sort of granola bar pan or silicone candy bar pan. You can also just use a normal baking pan and then cut them later. Another idea would be to use a muffin pan and make them round granola bars. Bread pans would even work.

Spread the Keto bar mixture into your chosen pan and pack it in a bit with the back of a spoon or your spatula.

Bake them in the oven, middle rack position, for 18 to 20 minutes until they come out golden brown. Now just let them cool for a bit.

Step 6: Serve up those yummy Keto bars

Hand holding keto granola bar in his hand.

Next, after they have cooled remove the Keto granola bars from the pan and serve them. Enjoy!

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How long do these Keto granola bars last?

These yummy granola bar substitutes will last about a week if stored in an airtight container. You can store them at room temperature or in the fridge.

Keto granola bars piled up on a white plate
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Keto Granola Bars

If you are looking for an awesome granola bar substitute these Keto granola bars are a great choice. They are super easy to make and are healthy, low carb, and gluten-free.
Prep Time15 mins
Cook Time20 mins
Cooling Time10 mins
Total Time45 mins
Course: Snack
Cuisine: American
Keyword: easy, gluten-free, low carb, quick
Servings: 12 people
Calories: 165kcal
Author: Matt Taylor


  • Bowls
  • Spatula
  • Bag
  • meat tenderizer or rolling pin
  • silicone granola bar pan or brownie pan or muffin pan


  • 1 cup chopped/smashed pecans 125g
  • 1 cup thinly sliced almonds 110g
  • 1 cup packed coconut flakes unsweetened (75g)
  • 1 large egg 3 Tbsp. of stevia or stevia blend 2 parts stevia 1 part sugar (45g)
  • 2 Tbsp. peanut butter sugar-free or almond butter
  • 1 Tbsp. coconut oil 15g
  • 3/4 tsp. of salt 4g
  • 1/4 cup sugar-free chocolate chips 45g


  • Preheat the oven to 350 F/176 C.
  • Crush up the pecans in a bag or use a food processor. Then combine them in a large bowl along with the coconut flakes and the thinly sliced almonds.
  • In a separate bowl mix together the egg, stevia, peanut butter, and the coconut oil.
  • Add the salt and optional sugar-free chocolate chips with the nuts and then mix in the wet ingredients.
  • Evenly distribute the keto granola bar mixture into a granola bar or candy bar pan, normal baking pan, muffin pan, etc. They will look nicer if you use a bar pan. Pack them down a bit with the back of a spoon or use the spatula.
  • Bake them on the middle rack for 18 to 20 minutes until golden brown on top. Allow them to cool completely before serving. Enjoy!


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  1. Elicitfolio

    5 stars
    These granola bars are addictive and so easy to make! I almost forget they’re healthy as well. I used a coconut oil with ghee for a little extra flavor. Keeper for sure.

  2. 5 stars
    I had been searching for this recipe since a long time. U made it sound so easy!

  3. 5 stars
    I love Keto Granola Bars. It’s perfect for my diet. I’ll make it later tonight.

  4. Oh my goodness, this recipe looks absolutely divine! I’ll have to give them a try myself. πŸ™‚

  5. 3 stars
    Hhhhmmmm….I don’t know about these bars. Perhaps, I have to try out one first before I can give my full verdict.

  6. 5 stars
    This is a way, with these recipes, of being able to follow the keto diet from every point of view!

  7. Wow! I haven’t tried this kind of granola bars yet and I am excited to try one! Thank you for sharing your recipe!

  8. 5 stars
    My kids love granola! And the fact that it’s keto means I can enjoy it too!

  9. I love a good granola bar. nice to hear that i would not have to give up granola bars if i was on a keto diet.

  10. 5 stars
    I love the idea of being able to enjoy a granola bar again while being on the keto plan. I had to give them up because traditional bars had waaaay too many carbs in them.

  11. 5 stars
    They were fantastic! We loved these so much and my kiddos ate them too! So good!

  12. 5 stars
    Thee bars are delicious! I love that they are so easy and much cheaper to make at home than buying keto bars!

  13. 5 stars
    Yum! Was skeptical at first – but love how creatively you kept this both Keto and delicious.

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