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Strawberry cupcakes on a white plate.

Strawberry Cupcakes


Jump to Recipe These soft, fluffy, tender homemade strawberry cupcakes are so delicious. If you love strawberries and you love cupcakes you have got to try this recipe. Time to amp up that basis vanilla cupcake recipe with some awesome strawberry flavor. Sure you can buy a strawberry cupcake mix […]

Sliced zucchini bread on a white cutting board.

Zucchini Bread


Jump to Recipe I don’t throw around the term “best” very often, but this truly is the best zucchini bread I have ever made and eaten. This zucchini bread recipe is soft, moist, not too sweet, and oh so delicious. It is the perfect way to serve up some veggies. […]

Pumpkin roll cake covered with powdered sugar, on top of a white plate on a wooden table.

Pumpkin Roll


Jump to Recipe I love everything pumpkin and this pumpkin roll recipe is so moist and tastes incredible. Time to impress your friends and family with this amazing cake. If you like cakes as much as I do, be sure and give this recipe a try. Whether it is for […]

Sliced pumpkin bread on a white plate on a wooden table

Pumpkin Bread


Jump to Recipe I can’t get enough of this yummy moist pumpkin bread recipe. Don’t wait for the holidays to make something with pumpkin, this bread is great all year round. Pumpkin recipes are some of my favorite recipes to make, from pumpkin cheesecake to pumpkin cake roll to pumpkin […]

coconut bread on a white cutting board on top of a wooden table

Coconut Bread


Jump to Recipe If you are a fan of coconut and a fan of sweet quick bread you have got to try this coconut bread. It is one of my favorite quick bread. Topped with a hot glaze that seeps down into the bread, each bite is such a delight. […]

chocolate cake in a white mug with powdered sugar

Chocolate Mug Cake


Jump to Recipe I love chocolate mug cake made in the microwave. It is so simple to make and the cake turns out moist and delightful. Ready in just a few minutes too! Mug or bowl cakes are so amazing. They are perfect for portion control as well. The cool […]

Orange cake on a white cutting board with oranges

Orange Cake


Jump to Recipe I am in love with Orange cake. The soft, moist, cake with the sweet taste of oranges, not overpowering but enough to let you know it is there. A party in the mouth with every bite. One thing I really like about this cake is that it […]

Marble cake sliced on a white cutting board

Marble Cake


Jump to Recipe How can you go wrong with moist vanilla and chocolate cake in one? The short answer you can’t! I absolutely love this marble cake recipe. Seriously if you love cake recipes you need to try this! Not only does it taste amazing, but it also looks extremely […]